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Hawk: Challenging? That's a polite word for it... ;)
death_sentry20: hate the metro...
death_sentry20: ...i'm thinking about android sims. can we do that too? or is it so far out...
Hawk: I've thought about it but I'm not sure how much demand there is.
death_sentry20: settings more likely... we've been getting lately.. wifi setup 9 out of 10.. although, there's like 10 apps for every one task..
death_sentry20: defeats the purpose for a clickthrough...
death_sentry20: ...
tonygold9601: am back
death_sentry20: WINDOWS 10!!! :D
death_sentry20: and EDGE too @ hawk
Hawk: Yes, Edge will be in there too :)
death_sentry20: ...whoa
Hawk: Only Android sim I could possible build would be the S7 with Nougat. My old Android is a few versions back so won't be useful.
death_sentry20: o_O
death_sentry20: its been a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile
death_sentry20: ...
death_sentry20: ???
death_sentry20: no response
Hawk: Still here. Working on something new :)


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