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kisses: gud morning
Hawk: @ death_sentry20: Messages are down because of a bug. Tried adding live IM but it only worked in Firefox, not IE.
Hawk: May try see if I can get messages to work again.
Hawk: Added something new at the bottom of the page for registered users. Let me know what you think.
unholy01: hi
Hawk: Change of layout on the site. Was moved to another server and am fixing a few problems found after the move.
blue_raven80: woooooow!!!! big change! I loke the color though. :)
blue_raven80: I like the color of the page... :)
agent_T21: Am I on the right site?
Hawk: Yes, you're on the right site. This is what it looked like before I changed it to black/grey.
Hawk: Once I fix the bug that keeps crashing when a user logs in, I'll put it back to normal.
6Metal6Head6: The site is lookin better and better great job guys.
Hawk: Thanks! Guess I'll have to build some more content for you guys now :)
kisses: hello good morning
Hawk: Internet Explorer 9 sim posted as well as some updates to the Windows 7 sim.
tonygold9601: good mownin guys..
qwertyuiop: hi everyone
ramzed: LION? 10.7?
Hawk: I don't have Lion yet. I'll see what I can do.
Hawk: Have Lion now. Will start work on it soon.


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