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kisses: hello good morning
Hawk: Internet Explorer 9 sim posted as well as some updates to the Windows 7 sim.
tonygold9601: good mownin guys..
qwertyuiop: hi everyone
ramzed: LION? 10.7?
Hawk: I don't have Lion yet. I'll see what I can do.
Hawk: Have Lion now. Will start work on it soon.
unholy01: HI! hows everybody.. sorry if i missed a lot... site is improving! gud job hawk.!
unholy01: i am promoting this website to my workmates.
death_sentry20: ...
death_sentry20: ... how come the guides are garbled?
Hawk: Guides? Good question. They were ok before... Will have to try fix.
death_sentry20: rock on
unholy01: with mac os you can also see the wireless password that was saved on the pc. just like with vista and win 7 right?
death_sentry20: yes. it's in the keychain
qwertyuiop: ϟϟϟѨѬ҈҉֣ص؁ښ۝ᴥᵺḁ₯₱₳₠₮﷼ ﻺ
chace20: Hi guyz morning!!!
ramzed: any iptv-dsl account in the fort area?
Hawk: ?
unholy01: Convergys ortigas. is now hiring tsr for a pioneer HP account,,,


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