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death_sentry20: need help in windows 95 or 98se?? PM me
Hawk: I was thinking of making a Win98SE clickthru.
botnaper23: hi
botnaper23: hey are u guys online?
botnaper23: i have a little question
botnaper23: ei hawk.. u there?
death_sentry20: eh hehehe... clickthru is better... @ hawk
death_sentry20: neat trick with the shoutbox though...
Hawk: Decided it was time for a change :)
death_sentry20: you can check if somebody is online fromt the left panel :) @botnaper23
o_O: how come i can change names here... hehe
they cant tell its me...: death_sentry20
haha: hehe
o_O @ death_sentry20: death_sentry20 @ o_O


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