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chace20: 1 user online and 57 guests wow....
death_sentry20: 1 user 11 guest its 6.55pm
death_sentry20: @hawk.. still have problems with my posts.. the appear as a paragraphs...
Hawk: Fixed them. The formatting was there but new posts are limited to text.
ramzed: haler
agent_T21: ei, what's been up...
agent_T21: happy holidays to all.
tonygold9601: happy new year
tonygold9601: There are currently 1 user and 17 guests online.
tonygold9601: There are currently 1 user and 23 guests online.
CakeWalk: Happy new year
death_sentry20: nope, still have em paragraph.. I'm using ffox 8.0 btw... can tell if it's the browser..
chace20: haizttttt
Hawk: New error guide for Apple Mail is now available @
Hawk: If you have any feedback or want instant updates, like our Facebook page :)
chace20: im the only one whose online
chace20: Morning guyz!
tonygold9601: good mownin
tonygold9601: skerdzzzz harder guy's
tonygold9601: just keep on skerdzin the modem


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