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Hawk: Want an Android clickthrough made based on the Asus Transformer TF300T? Like our Facebook page and leave a comment!
khel2425: hi hello!
agent_T21: hi all,
agent_T21: why dont we have windows 8 emulator here, hawk?
Hawk: I have to wait for it to come out first. I tried the beta and wanted to burn the UI.
Hawk: The clickthrus here use either licensed software I own or demo copies. Nothing pirated.
khel2425: any can able to add emulator for tablet iphone and blackberry ?
Hawk: Blackberry is dead. Don't have one, never will. iPhone 4 I have but I don't own an iPad.
Hawk: Got Windows 8. Will start working on a clickthrough and materials for it on my next day off.
agent_T21: wow, that would be great... thanks.. more power...
Hawk: I've only been using Win8 for a couple days and I already royally hate it.
6Metal6Head6: Agreed.
Hawk: Windows 8 not recognizing wireless adapter. Clickthru build on hold until solution found.
Hawk: Ordered new wireless adapter that supports Win8 according to the manufacturer. Odd the Linksys one I have didn't work.
Hawk: TP-Link wireless adapters are almost all supported in Windows 8
6Metal6Head6: Windows Live Mail 2012, I am finding almost virtually nothing for this program as far as accurate screen shots/walk through
6Metal6Head6: I know you're working on windows 8 but if you get some time do you think you could get a quicky on live mail 2012
Hawk: I'll see what I can do. I'm working on both Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.8 currently.
death_sentry20: nice
death_sentry20: @hawk... win8 really is challenging... hehe


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