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TELUS Siemens Wireless Gateway SE-567 and Xbox Live / PS3

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Many people will find that trying to use Xbox Live and a Siemens SE567 gateway will result in problems connecting. The Xbox will give a NAT error typically. This is because Universal Plug and Play is disabled by default on the Siemens Gateway. Most other routers have it on allowing the Xbox to configure the connection correctly without NAT errors or port forwarding.

How to enable UPnP:
- Log in to the gateway ( and click Login in the top right corner
- Go to Advanced settings
- Click Local Network on the left
- Click Plug and Play just below it
- When the three option appear on the right, choose the 3rd one and hit apply. (Full Internet Gateway Device support)

Once that applied, the SE567 will ask to reboot. Once it does retry Xbox Live and it should work. This fix will allow Playstation 2/3 consoles to connect as well from my experience.

Please Note: The Sony PS3 will be incompatible with the Siemens SE-567 if a recent firmware upgrade including NAT 3.0 is installed. Once installed, the PS3 will no longer be able to connect through the Siemens firewall which is NAT 2.0 compatible.


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